Keepin' It Real

WOW, I'm amazed at my inability to have any consistency in updating my blog. Not really. I knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. I suppose, on some level, this blogging thing is good for me because it causes me to pause and reflect and that's always a good thing, right??? However, the thing I dislike about it most, though, is that it often feels like 'one more thing' on a mother-of-three's consistently long To-Do list. Hmmm ... what is the Universe trying to tell me? For now, I'll keep at it, this 'slogging through blogging' kind of thing I'm doing, even though I'd much rather spend my time reading other people's blogs than writing my own.

Can't really have a post without a picture so I give you this fine portrait of L. taken a few nights ago by our babysitter Shana. L. marches to the beat of a different drummer, as you've probably already deduced from the likes of this image. She puts together the wackiest outfits on a daily basis and then wears them in public, of all things! ;-) If L. had her way, she would look disheveled and unkempt all day, every day, so it's a good thing that I gave up on having my children look 'presentable' a LONG time ago, much to the chagrin of some of my family and friends. Let's just say I've come a looooong way from my first year of motherhood when I actually thought my child's socks should match their onesie or if they spilled something on their shirt, it would need to be changed right away. Whooa baby, that was a lot of wasted energy! Hopefully, it means that I'm evolving and maturing as a mother and not just that I've been beaten down and, as a result, have finally given up on some semblance of presentability. It doesn't really matter though, 'cuz whatever it means, nothin's gonna change anytime soon. :-)
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  2. Love Lil! What else is there to say?!

  3. I'm like you. My girls HATE having their hair combed. So unless I need something, I allow them to look like homeless bums.
    I gave up too. I figure of all the battles to fight with my kids, that isn't worth it. also, my worth as a mom is not USUALLY tied to their appearance-nor should theirs be trained to be. And lastly, how else are they going to discover their own unique style and voice? Experiment all you want-better that than many of the other things out there!
    I HAIL YOU! and i'm with you holly-girl!

  4. i must say ,, you are a great mom! has a lot of things to do but still find time to share things through your blog :)

    it is through this kind of blogs that i realized how my wife can get so busy all day but still never fails to be a loving mom and a wife. more power :)


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