Kari - Fort Collins Portrait Photographer

I took film and digital shots for this session with my beautiful friend, Kari.  These are a few of the digital images.  I felt like a fish out of water with a borrowed Contax 645 in my hands, but the challenge was really good for me and I will be so amazed and delighted if some of the film images turned out.  If they did, I'll do a serious happy dance and I might even get myself organized enough to post some of my favorites. :)  
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celebration.of.fall.and.family - fort collins portrait photographer

Just a few frames of one of my favorite families.
Sending a BIG Happy 50th wedding anniversary wish to John and Jeanne!

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growing - fort collins portrait photographer

This girl is growing like a weed.  I know it's a cliche, but it's such an apt description of this long-limbed phase of her life.  All that sunshine and junk food has served her well this summer.  I have a tendency to squeeze her towards me a lot throughout the day because I don't want to forget the pure sweetness of having a child this age.  I'm keenly aware that this is my last pass through childhood with one of my own and it's almost too much to bear some days.  This business of holding two things as large as gratitude and sadness in the same space isn't for the faint of heart now is it? 

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Our.not.so.little.Lu - Fort Collins Portrait Photographer

I'm short on words these days, but not short on love.
This kid is so much sunshine to the square inch.  Really.
She just celebrated her 12th birthday last week and I just wanted to
say that I'm so grateful that she's ours.
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Stella - Class.of.2013

Stella is sweet and beautiful.
She has one of my all-time favorite names aaaand
she works at one of my very favorite restaurants in town.
Just call me jealous already, Stella.
I hope your last year of high school is fun and memorable in the very best way!

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Gable - Class.of.2013

Gable has such great poise and presence in front of the camera which makes her incredibly fun to photograph.  I was delighted to capture images of her as she embarks on her last year of high school.  It was truly a pleasure!

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Laurel - Class of 2013

Laurel made my job so fun.  This girl will do amazing things.  Just you wait and see.

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