julia.class.of.2011 - Fort Collins Senior Portrait Photography

I love these images soooo much.
The end.

{P.S.  Happy Senior Year, Julia!}

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Julia's.sneak.peek - Fort Collins Senior Portrait Photography

Currently editing this senior's images.
Check back this week for more photo goodness of the lovely Ms. Julia.
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two.little.monkeys.jumpin.on.the.bed - fort collins portrait photography

Having one of those weeks ... ugh.
{Okay, okay, so truth be told it's actually been one of those months}

It has me thinking that the world needs
less drama and more jumping on beds.

Can I get an amen?!

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photographing.the.photog - fort collins portrait photography

Warren is a well-known photographer and web designer
in this area who needed to update the online images of himself.  
How fun (and ok, a little nerve-wracking) was it for me to get the job! ;-)
Thanks for trusting me with the update of your marketing images, Warren!

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this.kind.of.forever - fort collins portrait photographer

this kind of forever
is broken and blessed
many times over
sweet and sour
in the most brilliantly
imperfect way
this kind of forever
is the very best kind
there is, i tell you,
because it is
ours alone


The 18th it is.  Happy January Wedding anniversary, my love.

{P.S.  Really couldn't be more obsessed with this album, this music, those brothers ... oh my!}

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me.as.reluctant.subject - fort collins portrait photographer

{images taken on the cold and snowy afternoon that I had the
pleasure of assisting the lovely Mr. Justin Hackworth with a photo shoot}

I'm convinced that nobody could be more critical of themselves in pictures than me. I mean, really?? It's a disorder or something in my case. It's no surprise then that I'm behind the camera as much as humanly possible. With that said, I still see tremendous value in forcing yourself to step in front of the lens every so often. It gives you fresh perspective on being the subject -a greater sense of empathy, if you will- which, in turn, improves your ability to connect with and capture your own subjects.  This reward alone makes it worth it and, besides, it feels really good to tell your
raging inner critic to stuff it every once in awhile.

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lilia.in.colors - fort collins portrait photography

Sweet girl.
Easy to photograph.
Fun, new location.
Just how I like my sessions.
I could have done without the freezing temps though. Just sayin'.

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lilia.in.black.and.white - fort collins portrait photography

Still editing this session, but simply couldn't wait to share these two.
For obvious reasons.

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{If you could have seen how tender & dear Lulu was with her great-grandmother
on this day, you would have been brought to tears, too. December 2010}

For my grandmother,
on her 92nd birthday

i sit with her
searching for a way in
a way to relate
or perhaps connect
but the neurons
aren't firing
she is 92 today and
i have so many memories
so many things
that i want her
to remember too
like the small things
like how she instilled in me
a forever love for hot cereal
(Cream of Wheat to be precise)
and how she taught me
to be patient with others
despite the difficulty
and how to find the joy
in serving others and
do it with a smile, no less
too many things
to recount here really
but you know
all of these memories
are only mine now
they have no company in hers
and as i sat with her
i realized it's a lonely place to be
this standing watch
as the sole keeper of memories
but it's also a sacred place too
because these memories
that gave my life
shape and dimension
they rely on me
to honor them
by sharing them
and living into them
so that she might
live on, too.

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