Of Dolls and Other Things

As I made my way back and forth down the hallway and from room to room, delivering bundles of laundry and aberrant toys to their rightful owners, I turned my head just in time to notice this scene unfolding. Ava and Liv had methodically lined up all the doll dresses on the window sill and were dressing and re-dressing each doll at whim. My heart melted. Does the picture of girlhood get any sweeter? I have shuttersisters.com to thank for the inspiration behind these fleeting images of child's play. Earlier that day, I had read the following post on their blog and it reminded me to capture and savor those ordinary moments of childhood. It was one of those moments that can happen in this season of life, when a parent is joyful that life has put them exactly in that spot.

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For the love of textures

I have been downright obsessed with textures as of late. Shocking, I know. These were some images I took of sweet l'il A. and her favorite friend O. a few months ago and I've been experimenting with laying multiple actions and textures on some of these images to give them a different feel. My inspiration for this comes from Jesh De Rox (jeshderox.com), a photographer who does it so masterfully that you find yourself engaged in absorbing every last detail of his images. Can you tell that I love, love, LOVE his work??? It is art like his that nudges me to keep reaching ever further, out to the edges of my creativity and beyond, time and time again.
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How do I love thee, Quotes? Let me count the ways!

For as long as I can remember, I have been a "quote junkie". I love reading quotes by famous people, writers, heads of state, deep thinkers, theologians ... you name it. My theory on why I love reading them is that I wish I was articulate enough to have expressed that particular thought so succinctly. Unfortunately, the closest I'll get to creating one of these 'deep thoughts' is regurgitating it in an effort to express my own thoughts and feelings. Lame hobby, I know. Oh well. We've all got to have our quirky hobbies, right? In honor of this, I've decided to periodically share some quotes that have captured my attention, usually for no particular reason. So, let's get down to business ... here is my first offering:

"And while it takes courage to achieve greatness, it takes
more courage
to find fulfillment
in being ordinary.
For the joys that last have
little relationship to achievement,
to standing one step higher
on the victory platform.
What is the adventure in being ordinary?
It is daring to love just for
the pleasure of giving it away.
It is venturing to give new life and
to nurture it to maturity.
It is working hard for the
pure joy
of being tired at the end of the day.
It is caring and sharing and
giving and loving ..."
~Marilyn Thomsen

I have to learn and re-learn the truths of this quote nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I forgot to mention that I'm a slow learner when it comes to these matters of the heart, but I'm getting there and that has to be good enough for today.

L. always wants to turn the camera on me and these shots are a result of just that (behold the extremely low and unflattering camera angle!). She got her own camera for Christmas so I have a feeling that I'll be the subject of at least a few more of these impromptu portrait sessions. :-)
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