ballerina.part.one.of.three - Fort collins portrait photographer

{shot with a Nikon N70 and Kodak Portra 400}

This shoot was done at three different locations with two types of film so in order to avoid having the world's loooongest post, I've broken them into 3 separate posts.  This beautiful ballerina?  She is also my niece.  She has such an amazing awareness of her body's aesthetic, which is one of the things that makes her such a lovely dancer AND a great photographic subject.  Oh yeah ... and these film tones?  If it were possible, I would eat them for breakfast.  Serious amounts of yumminess going on with these colors.  Even more yummy colors coming up next ...

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a.ballerina.preview - fort collins portrait photographer

{Nikon N70 & Kodak Portra 400}

Image overload comin' right up.  This stand-alone image is one of my favorites and just a preview of my first ALL FILM photo shoot.  That's right, folks ... ALL FILM.  The look and feel of these images makes my heart sing.  In a big way.

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becoming.a.beginner - fort collins portrait photographer

{My beginner softballer: this is Lily's first season playing on a REAL, LIVE softball team.  Go Team Lily!!!
This new beginning of hers?  Captured on Kodak Portra 160 VC with a Nikon N70}

Here are a few more images from the first roll of film I've shot in years (nine or ten, maybe?).   Crazy thing is ... it's been so long I've lost count.  I love the look of film {aaah, the softness! the grain!}, but it's also challenging me in very new and different ways.  Around the same time I was working through some of that challenge and frustration, I came across the following quote:

"You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner.
If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you."
{Barbara Sher}

Great reminder.  Expect to see more film exploration from me {Just so ya know, I'm counting on YOU to hold me to it.}.  It's allowing me to become a beginner again and I have this teeny tiny feeling that there all sorts of good things to be had in that.

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my.saturday.morning.bedheads - fort collins portrait photographer

Wanna know a secret??  I'm just a little bit proud of myself.  Just a little bit.
I've been thinking about shooting some film for oh ... about the past year ... or so.
Which reminds me of this fun little Pinterest find that I'm pretty sure was made for me:

Source: None via Holly on Pinterest

Anywho ... never you mind that it's been on my 'to do' list for such a long time.  I've chosen to focus on the positive here, which is that I finally did it.  I really, really did it!  I bet you're proud of me, too, right?!  I had all sorts of hang-ups about it because, well, I'm good at having hang-ups ... among other things.  Never you mind about those either because the most important part of this little story is that I pushed through them and it was oddly liberating.  I must say that I particularly love that feeling of taking something that's intimidating to you and flipping it on it's ear ... making it work for you, not against you.  Note to self?  Must.do.again.soon.
P.S.  Don't my two little bedheads look so dreamy on film??
{no bias here, of course}

{shot with a Nikon N70 and Portra 160 VC film}

P.P.S. Be a dear and say you'll come pin with me??

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mother.love - fort collins portrait photographer

{this image of us by Kiera Eve is one of my hands-down favs}

Dear Mom,
First- I love this image of us for
so many reasons, not the least of which
is how much you can see our physical
resemblance here, because I usually
struggle to see it at all.
{I know, I know ... there are some of you who would say I'm blind!}

Second- Any resemblance I bear to you,
whether it be physical or otherwise is the
highest compliment someone can pay me.

Third- I fully understand that I will never 
be able to repay you for all the life you've given me ... 
you gave me breath and body and strength,
an open heart, an expansive spirit and
an unceasing curiosity for the human story,
all the while infusing this human experience
 of mine with a love so fierce and tender
and all-encompassing.

And even though
it will never be enough:
thank you.


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seven.today - fort collins portrait photographer

Today she turned seven.
The last seven years with her in them??
Straight up magic, y'all.
Some people are born with a joy that
infuses everything they do
and everything they are,
every day, all the time.
This sweetie-sweet is one of them.

Happy 7th to my monkey-girl. 

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Spring! - fort collins portrait photographer

{instagram capture}

this blooming
this late-light warmth
this ever blue sky
this profusion of spring-
 nature's very insistence
of all that is Yes! - it is
 as you would guess
more than

{an oh-so-blossom-crazy me}

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