A joyful song

This is making my heart all kinds of happy this morning ...

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9 Big Ones

Our l'il Lil turned 9 last week ... this is a video of her class singing Happy Birthday to her.
Note her extreme discomfort throughout the experience.
As my kids like to say, "Awwwkward!"
They usually sing this refrain to me when I've just said something corny (who me? never!) or tried to tell a joke that fell flat.
Little do they know,my 'awwwkward!' moments will only
increase exponentially as they get older.
Just wait 'til they getta load of me when they're in high school. :-)

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joy is in the ordinary

Ava and her favs ... meet Sapphire, Meeky, Zhou Zhou & Coco

Ava is going through a phase right now where she carries her 'minky' and these particular stuffed animals EVERYWHERE she goes and you can just imagine how many times she leaves one of them somewhere and goes into full-on panic mode.
I love you
and your bedhead.

{more photographic evidence of my little bean's bedhead}
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