I Heart the Star Mill

My mom and I discovered this lovely little gem of an antiques store not far from her home. I think we could have spent all day taking pictures in and around the property if it wasn't for the constraints of other people's expectations on our time and energy (namely, my dear hubby and my 3 l'il sweet peas !) It was glorious to spend a few hours in the meditative practice of photography and even more glorious to spend it with my amazing mum. Definitely the icing on the cake ... love you, G-ma Bunny!!!
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The Cherry Hill Lunch Ladies

Back in the day, M., E., C. and I were mischievous little so-and-so's sporting mile-high bangs, jelly shoes, argyle socks, and bermuda shorts in the halls of Cherry Hill Elementary. Go Mustangs! Nowadays, we're all mamas with young 'uns who've lived long enough to see these fashion trends make a comeback in the aisles of Targets everywhere. Wow, wow, wow, where does the time go??? Last week, the four of us got a first-time ever opportunity to sit down together and reminisce and laugh and eat and laugh and chit chat and laugh ... and you get the picture, there was a lot of laughing going on. Needless to say, the laughter was oh-so-good for my soul. Thank you to my very dear 'old' friends for reminding me of the joys of shared memories. I am fortunate to have shared my childhood with some great girls who, not surprisingly, grew up to be great women. :-) Here are a few pics of us re-living our 'wild and crazy' pre-adolescent days. I know the photography on this one leaves something to be desired, but you get what you pay for when you ask some random yahoo to risk life and limb by standing in the street to take a picture of you and your friends in mid-air at the local pizzeria. :-)
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