Ellie.class.of.2012 - fort collins portrait photographer

Ellie showed up for her session in a dress and heels driving a pick-up truck with a 30 ft. horse trailer attached to it ... by herself, people!  I LOVED the dichotomy in that scenario.  Let's just say it was pretty apparent that this girl is gonna go far in life.

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my.highschooler - fort.collins.portrait.photographer

{my 14 year old - first day of her freshman year}

Today was her very first day of high school.  {Eep!}
What did I have to do to get the all-important commemorative photos, you ask??
Sooooo maybe I had to wait until EVERYONE
was gone for the day.  And I do mean everyone.  
And maybe I had to take her photo on the back side of the
high school instead of the dramatic front entrance so absolutely no one
would see us taking the dreaded 'first day of school' picture.
And maybe she gave me all of thirty seconds before
she started rolling her eyes and asking when we'd be done.
But, GUESS WHAT, folks??  It was sooooo worth it.

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nature's.balm - fort collins portrait photographer

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."
{John Muir}

Here's hoping you found just such a place a time or two this summer.
I'm oh-so-grateful that I did.  It makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?!

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summer's.end - fort collins portrait photographer

{my Lu}

a buttery-yellow striped bikini
faded by a summer's worth of water and sun
a $3 inner tube worth every last penny
a dripping cone and dripping hair
a light dusting of sand covering
her sweetly sun-kissed skin

In this, the last week of summer break,
I'm loving and already longing for
this very picture of summer.

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her.favorite.shirt - fort collins portrait photographer

{Portra 400 film;  Steamboat Springs, CO}

Ten years of age.
Wearing her very favorite tee.
Her camera always at the ready these days.
This budding little photographer of mine.
Oh, how I love her so.

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