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{my 14 year old - first day of her freshman year}

Today was her very first day of high school.  {Eep!}
What did I have to do to get the all-important commemorative photos, you ask??
Sooooo maybe I had to wait until EVERYONE
was gone for the day.  And I do mean everyone.  
And maybe I had to take her photo on the back side of the
high school instead of the dramatic front entrance so absolutely no one
would see us taking the dreaded 'first day of school' picture.
And maybe she gave me all of thirty seconds before
she started rolling her eyes and asking when we'd be done.
But, GUESS WHAT, folks??  It was sooooo worth it.

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  1. hahaha, you're such a great mom. She will thank you for your persistence one day. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!


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