On a sunny Sunday afternoon ...

Today we were able to take a long, leisurely family bike ride for the first time in I don't know how long! It seems like we've all been going in so many different directions for the past few months with soccer, piano, drama, dance, T.'s work commitments, etc. The soccer season came to a close yesterday and it feels like we have all taken a collective sigh. To make it even sweeter for the *big girls*, their BFF's were able to join us for the last half of our excursion. They were in kid heaven, hunting for unusual sticks & rocks and raking the mucky waters of the stream with any object they could find laying around on the banks.
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Halloween heaven

This past week was Halloween and the girls had a ball. Goofy costumes, candy in excess, warm apple cider, running around outside late at night, good friends over for dinner ... what's not to love?!? Their costumes choices were really reflective of their individual personalities and current stages in life: C. was the female counterpart of a hillbilly couple along with her BFF, L. was a poisonous mushroom, & A. was Cinderella in all her Cinderella glory. When we were trick-or-treating, every time A. would reach into someone's candy stash at their front doorstep, she'd look at us as if to say, "Have you lost your mind?!? I can't believe you're okay with this! YEEEEHAWWW!!" It was pure joy for all three.
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LuLu extraordinaire

If ever there was a truer depiction of L. at the ripe old age of 6, I've yet to see it! A perfect capture of L.'s personality. I was trying to get her to cooperate in the photo shoot with the blue house backdrop and she had her own agenda, as you can see. :) L. started taking drama classes this Fall for the first time and I think she may have found her calling. She loves it and the teachers always comment about what a 'natural' she is. L., you've definitely got your "sunshine" back and that fills my heart with joy. Thanks for reminding me, in your sweet & oh-so-silly ways, not to take life so seriously all the time. Love you more! ;-)

A shout-out to Bonzie for the original inspiration behind the Photoshop enhancement. Love ya, Bonzie!
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this location!

Okay, I've had 'blue' on the brain for the past week and here's why. Last week, I dropped L. off at her drama class & went to hop back in the car when I noticed the coolest little photo shoot location ... right under my nose! This funky little bright blue abandoned house is sitting smack dab in the middle of an old town alley of sorts. I cannot believe I didn't notice this the 6 or 7 other times I've dropped Lily off at class. I tell ya, sometimes my inattention to detail astounds me! At any rate, I've been salivating over this location for the past week and finally had a small window of time to run out there and get some test shots of the girls today. They were less than cooperative, to put it diplomatically, but I managed to get through my whole memory card before they both had a major melt-down. Ahhh, the joy of taking pictures of your own kids. :) I know I pester them with my camera way too much, but who else can I get to let me practice shots on a moment's notice??? Thanks for puttin' up with me, girlies ... love ya lots!!
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