It's official ...

I am in need of an intervention! Yes, it's true, I spend WAY too much time feeding my photography addiction and, in the last 48 hours, I've discovered the wonderful world of textures & borders which has me completely obsessed with experimenting with them every spare minute I get. It's also why I'm posting this at nearly 1 am when I should be resting up for the 16 hour *Monday Marathon* I'll be doing with the little chickies at 7 am sharp tomorrow morning. Egads, when will I ever learn??? Behold, the fruits of my OCD ... aren't they fun???

P.S. A very special muchas gracias to Nicole at nicolehill.blogspot.com for the stock photo of me and C. I had a great time 'shadowing' her over Spring Break and peeking into the world of stock photography.
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