Before and after

I've wanted to illustrate this point before, but I've never taken the time to do it until now.  Oftentimes, people don't realize the impact that editing has on an image unless they see the before and the after together.  The image on the left was SOOC (a.k.a. straight out of camera).  The image on the right has been edited for exposure, tint, color balance, contrast, highlights, facial retouching, as well as, sharpening.  Obviously, there is a significant difference between the impact of the two images.  

As your photographer, I spend a great deal of time making sure that your final images are beautifully edited.  My goal is to create natural, pleasing and well-balanced images that don't look "overly photoshopped".  It's important to me that they have a timeless, natural feel to them.  Hopefully, this helps you see some of the 'behind the scenes' work that takes place before you receive your finished collection of images.  It's the most time-consuming part of my job and I take a great deal of pride in delivering this style of images to you!
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