Eric.Class.of.2010 - Fort Collins Senior Portrait Photography

I've had the good fortune
of taking senior portraits for some
pretty sweet and easy-going teenagers.

Eric was no exception.

He humored me and all my
oddball requests without batting an eye
or rolling an eyeball, for that matter.
{Hey! Do you mind climbing under the bleachers? During a football game?!
And how would you feel about sitting in a field of weeds? And, while we're at it,
would you mind getting up and close and personal with this school bus??}

Now that is true sportmanship.

Eric, wishing you the best of luck
in the final stretch of your senior year and
with your upcoming Canadian adventures.
Say hello to Canada for me, wouldja?!

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Whole-heartedly LOVE this image.
Stay tuned for more of this sweet family's session ...

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Music-making at it's very finest.

Go on ahead now and take a listen
because I can pretty much guarantee that
it's the best thing you'll do all day.

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the granular squish of wet sand
between your fingers and toes

ample time to create and re-create the sandcastle of your dreams
and embellish it with every kind of shell

running back and forth from the ocean to the sand
with a decidedly excited skip in your step
and as fast as your little sun-kissed legs will carry you

loved ones to share this imaginative sand play with you
as the sun makes it's slow descent towards the horizon

all of these are hallmarks of any beach vacation
worth it's salt and i can tell you that

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    How do you tell a daughter
    that life moves on from sorrow,
    somehow, and the heart, that bruised
    sweet plum, is where the seed lies.
    How do you tell her that moistened
    and fed by rot, the seed
    holds tight in its rough fist
    a new, green universe
    as yet completely unimagined
    but clean, clear in its intention
    of any contradiction: utterly plum.

    {pat schneider}

Head over heels for this poet's work right now.
If you're a poetry nerd like me, you really should
check her out. Who knows?? It might be just the thing that helps you to see your life anew. Being introduced to new poetry is one of life's sweet joys for me, so if you have a favorite poet of your own, would you be so kind as to leave me a recommendation in the comments section below? Who knows??
It might be just the thing that helps me
to see my own life anew.

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When I asked Kylee's mom to choose a few words that best describe
her sweet senior girl, these were the words she chose:

"Compassionate, tender-hearted, wise, beautiful - inside and out."

After spending some time with Kylee, it is easy to see all of those things in her (and more!), but, if I may, I must add just one more descriptor to the list:


Seriously, Kylee?! How is possible that one person could be so smart, kind, athletic, talented and then, on top of all that, have drop-dead gorgeous, naturally wavy hair?!

Not fair, I tell you. Not.fair.

Kylee will be heading to South Dakota on a college scholarship in the Fall of 2011. CONGRATS Kylee!! Thank you for letting me play a part in documenting just a few of the many memorable moments you'll have in your senior year.
Hope your year is filled with every.good.thing.

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do you see it, my dear
the bright trailing tails that
punctuate the noonday sky and
do you hear it, my love
the billowing flaps
that snap the air above us
in their defiance of all that is
weight and pull and gravity
i'm certain it's an attitude
that will get you nowhere
but off the ground
of course.
now is the moment
to heed the kite's call
to rise ever higher
lifting your voice
above the din
of water and wind
like you were meant to do
from the very beginning

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{Tim's mum & dad; Dillon Beach, CA 2010}

"If there is no peace,
it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other."
{Mother Theresa}

You don't need to know these two for very long to realize that family is of utmost and primary importance in their lives. They raised six children together ... a rare and true partnership through the myriad of joys and challenges that a full life almost certainly guarantees to the one who's willing to live it. I have learned a great deal from them
about what it means to honor a commitment and live a life of loving purpose.
Through it all, they have never forgotten that we belong to each other,
that all of us do,
in this great big world of ours
and what really matters most
is our willingness to bet our very lives on it.

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{our sweet l'il bean and her pink minky; all tuckered out from beachin' it}

"I sometimes wake in the early morning and listen to the soft breathing of my children
and I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret and

I carry that quiet with me all day long."

{brian andreas}

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If you're boogie boarding 'Lily-style',
then you're throwing you're whole heart into it.
I loved watching her embrace the whole ocean experience
with everything she's got, in part, because I'm pretty darn sure that I'm missing that gene. I'll admire that great, big
body of water from the dry safety of the shore,
thank you very much.

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sometimes the expanse of it
is too great
and sometimes the blue of it
is too pure
and sometimes the grandeur of it all
is too lovely
and you ask yourself
is this all for me
all of this goodness in one place
and the very thought of that
forms your heart into
a kinder version of itself
and it is then
that you decide it must be true

{xo, moi}

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{view from the beach house; Dillon Beach, CA}

Finally back from our marathon roadtrip along coastal California
{man, that is one seriously BIG state!}
and, of course, I have a boatload of images to share.
{cheesy pun intended}

P.S. I could take beach photos every day of my life and not tire of doing so. Between the gorgeous light and the spectacular scenery, I now realize those southern California photographers are sooooo spoiled.
{Not that I'm bitter or anything, mind you ...}

P.P.S. Inundation of beach photos slowly, but surely, to follow ...

{view from the beach house; Sunset Beach, CA}

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I made some buttons for her friends to wear ...

They supplied the kooky costumes ...

And we got her good. Oh boy, did we get her good.

My very lovely and clever friend Ana came up with the brilliant idea of doing a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt along with glow-in-the-dark jewelry, makeovers & games.
{she's amazing, no?!?}

In the interest of full disclosure,
I really should mention that the surprise component of the party added an extra element of stress (okay, maybe more like three or four or even possibly five or six extra elements of stress), but even so, it was definitely worth it.

Happy SURPRISE thirteenth, Carolina-girl!!!

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