When I asked Kylee's mom to choose a few words that best describe
her sweet senior girl, these were the words she chose:

"Compassionate, tender-hearted, wise, beautiful - inside and out."

After spending some time with Kylee, it is easy to see all of those things in her (and more!), but, if I may, I must add just one more descriptor to the list:


Seriously, Kylee?! How is possible that one person could be so smart, kind, athletic, talented and then, on top of all that, have drop-dead gorgeous, naturally wavy hair?!

Not fair, I tell you. Not.fair.

Kylee will be heading to South Dakota on a college scholarship in the Fall of 2011. CONGRATS Kylee!! Thank you for letting me play a part in documenting just a few of the many memorable moments you'll have in your senior year.
Hope your year is filled with every.good.thing.

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