Sidney.Class.of.2012 - Fort Collins Senior Photographer

It was great fun meeting up with Sidney and her mom for this shoot.
They were fun, helpful and up for anything.  Love that. 
Add them to the list of all the great clients I've gotten to work with this year.
A heartfelt thank you to each and every one!  

Wishing you a senior year full of GREAT memories, Sidney!

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Jeanette.Class.of.2012 - fort collins senior photographer

She's smart, athletic and has the most incredibly gorgeous strawberry blonde hair.
Add sweet and gracious to the list while you're at it.  Jealous much?  Yeah, me too.   

Hope your senior year is the very best, Jeanette!

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Ashleigh.Class.of.2012 - fort collins senior photographer

I've known Ashleigh since she was in elementary school.
It's hard to believe that she's now in the full swing of her senior year.  WAAAHH?!
She is a seriously lovely person.  For your sake?  I hope you get to meet her some day.
She will bless your life much like she has blessed ours.  I'm sure of it.

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the.outside - fort.collins.portrait.photographer

{at the tippy top of Chimney Rock, NC}

has someone
reminded you lately
to go outside
outside of your house
outside of your town
outside of the reach of
your internet connectivity
outside of your familiar life
outside of your friendship circle
and the family that loves you no.matter.what
well, if they haven't, i will because i'm sure
there's never been a better time to go
here and now-  in this decisive moment
decide that you will go
and i will decide to go too
i've heard of treasures that
are yours (and mine) for the taking
 if we will just go

shall we?


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