a.new.year - fort collins portrait photographer

"It's simple, they say, and you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine."
{mary oliver}

here's hoping you (and I) will do even more of these things in 2012.

wishing you the best of the best new year's wishes.

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Christmas.Day - Fort collins portrait photographer

If you were in our home on Christmas day, it would have looked a lot like this.

I think we managed to keep Christmas well, dear Scrooge.  

May we remember, as you admonished, to honor it in our hearts the whole year long.

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two.of.the.important.ones - fort collins portrait photographer

"love sometimes wants to do us a great favor:  hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out."

among many others, these two really do that for me.

love you, brother.  love you, nephew.

and the rest of you (you know who you are) that shake all my nonsense out in the name of love.

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the.salt.project - fort collins portrait photographer

Go here to see my image paired with a most beautiful Advent poem.
Many thanks to the lovely folks at Salt Project!

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