{Tim's mum & dad; Dillon Beach, CA 2010}

"If there is no peace,
it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other."
{Mother Theresa}

You don't need to know these two for very long to realize that family is of utmost and primary importance in their lives. They raised six children together ... a rare and true partnership through the myriad of joys and challenges that a full life almost certainly guarantees to the one who's willing to live it. I have learned a great deal from them
about what it means to honor a commitment and live a life of loving purpose.
Through it all, they have never forgotten that we belong to each other,
that all of us do,
in this great big world of ours
and what really matters most
is our willingness to bet our very lives on it.

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  1. What a wonderful relationship! These pictures are perfect!!!

  2. Beautiful pics, Holly, and a moving--and spot-on--tribute to Mom and Dad. Did you notice the 6 kites aloft in the last pic? Pretty symbolic of the 6 lives nurtured and launched by this partnership...

  3. Thank you, Holly, how lovely. Sometimes the best things in life call forth tears, don't they? I love the Mary Oliver quote, too--one of my favourite poets.

    You have a special gift for capturing the essential.



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