ballerina.part.one.of.three - Fort collins portrait photographer

{shot with a Nikon N70 and Kodak Portra 400}

This shoot was done at three different locations with two types of film so in order to avoid having the world's loooongest post, I've broken them into 3 separate posts.  This beautiful ballerina?  She is also my niece.  She has such an amazing awareness of her body's aesthetic, which is one of the things that makes her such a lovely dancer AND a great photographic subject.  Oh yeah ... and these film tones?  If it were possible, I would eat them for breakfast.  Serious amounts of yumminess going on with these colors.  Even more yummy colors coming up next ...

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  1. Holly, It was so great to meet you last week.
    Love all of these. Love your work.
    You are amazing... and so warm and easy to like!
    Pleasure to meet you!

  2. Hol, these of kaya are GORGEOUS! Such great shots!


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