mother.love - fort collins portrait photographer

{this image of us by Kiera Eve is one of my hands-down favs}

Dear Mom,
First- I love this image of us for
so many reasons, not the least of which
is how much you can see our physical
resemblance here, because I usually
struggle to see it at all.
{I know, I know ... there are some of you who would say I'm blind!}

Second- Any resemblance I bear to you,
whether it be physical or otherwise is the
highest compliment someone can pay me.

Third- I fully understand that I will never 
be able to repay you for all the life you've given me ... 
you gave me breath and body and strength,
an open heart, an expansive spirit and
an unceasing curiosity for the human story,
all the while infusing this human experience
 of mine with a love so fierce and tender
and all-encompassing.

And even though
it will never be enough:
thank you.


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  1. Awwww. you just made me cry.
    All of those beautiful things you say about me, I wish they were true. But in all the years (37) I'v known you, that's all I've ever seen in your eyes. Unconditional love. Because of that I've always wanted to try just a little harder to be the kind of person you think I am. You are my sunshine. XoXo BIG hug, little kiss, BIG hug, little kiss-Jack Black, Nacho Libre)

  2. You and your beautiful mother are two of the most lovely people I know.


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