this.kind.of.forever - fort collins portrait photographer

this kind of forever
is broken and blessed
many times over
sweet and sour
in the most brilliantly
imperfect way
this kind of forever
is the very best kind
there is, i tell you,
because it is
ours alone


The 18th it is.  Happy January Wedding anniversary, my love.

{P.S.  Really couldn't be more obsessed with this album, this music, those brothers ... oh my!}

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  1. OBSESSED with this photo of you and your dashing husband. N wonder he married you. You are one classy woman.

  2. Thanks, Kiera! When I pulled this photo out of storage, I marveled at how YOUNG we both look - whaaa happened?! ;-)

  3. Hi Holly!! glad you found my blog, i LOve yours! You have a beautiful family and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new family photos, jonathan canlas is one of my fav photographers so I am jealous! xo starlyn

  4. Hey Star! So good to hear from you & so glad I found your blog. So, so cute!! I've got it in my Reader now! :-) I agree that Jonathan is amazing & I'm hoping to share some of the images he took very soon. Hoping you guys are well! xo, H

  5. Hey Holly I was there! I love the pic and it brought back memories, what a good looking couple. What year was that? There have been so many things that have changed since that time. I remember bringing Grandma to the wedding. It seems like it wasn't very long after Grandpa died. I also believe it was on that trip that I was traveling at a ridiculous rate of speed through Idaho and got pulled over. Come on there was no traffic and big open spaces and 4 lanes...just me and a cruiser(unfortunately). It was so funny because Grandma gave the police officer "what for" for pulling me over and she assured him she was sure I had not been speeding. He was really taken aback by the whole thing.....it was very unusual for quiet, sweet reserved Grandma to be taking on the police officer and questioning him. He assured her that in deed I was speeding and actually even gave me a big ticket to prove it, ha, ha!!!

    aunty b


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