Road-trippin' for Obama

Some fellow "Obama Mamas" (the fabulous ms. E & ms. L) and I made the trek to Denver today in hopes of catching a glimpse of our favorite presidential candidate Barack Obama. We were not disappointed!!! We were among 13,000 people who showed up to a Denver venue that only holds around 10 or 11,000 and because we were at the tail end of an extraordinarily long line, we became 'overflow' and were directed to hang out and listen to his speech on some speakers in a neighboring lacrosse field. Initially, it was a bit disappointing, but soon after we stepped onto the field, it was announced that he was coming to see and speak to the rally-goers outside. The crowd went berserk and yeah, we went a just a *little* berserk too, truth be told. :) He stood about 20-30 feet from us and spoke to the crowd with Caroline Kennedy at his side for about 5 minutes. It was so much fun to be part of the collective energy and enthusiasm of his supporters. We were joking that it was a lot like seeing a rock star, only he would be called a "Barack-star" ... hee, hee. :) He is such an inspiring and energizing speaker, but we had a hard time paying attention to what he was saying because we were so ecstatic about the fact that he had come out to pay the 'little people' a visit. It was well worth the lengthy commute, the hassle of parking and standing in a 3 mile-long queue on a frigid January morning. We would do it all again in a heartbeat for you, Obama!!! May the force of the caucuses be with you ... :)
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  1. Holly & Elisa,
    What a perfect day! And it sure was worth the fight through that tough security to finally see and hear him "life" :) HE's THE MAN!!


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