As lovely as a summer's day, she is ...

Here she is in all her sun-kissed glory ... my pure and tender-hearted, recently-turned-eleven years old Sweet Pea. Happy summer birthday, lovey!!! She's a beauty, that one, and when I speak of her beauty, I am referring to her irrepressibly bright and gentle spirit. Every so often, I get to spend some one-on-one time with this little gem of a girl and I always walk away from our time together with a thankful song in my heart for all the sunshine she brings into this world.

Part of what makes my heart want to burst with pride is reflecting on how far she has come in her short eleven years. She stormed into our lives as if she had a bee in her bonnet and everyone was going to know about it. She demanded a center-stage spotlight from Day One and, as young moms are wont to do, I fretted about what this would mean for her future. Would she always be this unruly and unyielding? Would she be able to play well with others? Would she grow up and become a demanding Broadway starlet?

Alas, my dear Sweet Pea C., you have allayed all of my fears as you slowly, but surely, blossomed into the sweet, loving, bubbly, thoughtful, funny, smart-as-a-whip girl that you are. Funny thing is, you really shun the spotlight now, preferring instead, to be the solid & steady girl in the background that everyone can rely on. Who would have guessed??? In this way and so many others, you have taught me that every one of us is about infinite possibility and change and growth and that all I really need to do is to give myself and others the grace to 'do' and 'be' just that.

Many, many thanks for all your spontaneous hugs and loves, my little monkey-loving girl. You know, the ones out of the blue, where you throw your arms around my waist and lay your head against my chest with a big squeeze and a heartfelt "Love you, Mom!" You are a bright spot in all of my days ... love you MORE!!!


Post-note: As you might have deduced from the photos above, my most recent photography obsession is the almighty sun flare. It is the hip & happenin' new trend in portraiture and I'm loving the edgy, dream-like vibe that it infuses into the image. Just add it to the long list of little obsessions ... :-)
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  1. Holly, what a lovely post. It warms my heart to have read it. I too love a good 'flare' and the first image is my fave! Take Care!

  2. What beautiful pictures! And such a sweet post. Loved reading it! Your girls are darling!!!!


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