An open letter to my dear mumsy on her birthday

I hope I get to be the very first to wish you a happy birthday 'cuz I'm competitive like that. ;-) Since I returned from San Francisco, I've had some time to reflect on the beauty of that trip. Where to begin? I got to spend uninterrupted talk time with my best friend & mum doing something we both love (Ahhh, photography! She's a cruel mistress, but more on that later ...) in my favorite city in this whole wide world. WOW is really all that comes to mind. I had so much fun with you ... laughing, gobbling down some amazingly good food, creating photography, joking about "the slap" heard 'round the world, browsing stores with no intention to buy, eating decadent desserts and walking, walking and walking some more until we landed ourselves onto a massage table on Market Street. It really was more fun than I deserved, but I received it with a thankful heart and a renewed sense of appreciation for all the goodness & laughter you bring to my life. Thank you for being an anchor for me. It is always a grounding experience to be in your presence and I feel rejuvenated for the next leg of this journey we call life ... SO glad I get to share it with you.
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  1. Beautiful Holly! Everything...the words you wrote to your mom and the photography eye candy. These images are just beautiful and I hope you share more from your trip!!!


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