Welcome to the hood, Daddio!

Dear Dad,
We tried to order good weather for your visit this week, but we got some rain anyway. Mother Nature is stubborn like that. It was probably a good thing because it slowed us down a bit and made us cross off a few things from our 'to do' list which gave us more time to sit and visit while you were here.

I loved seeing you play with the girls, tickling and teasing them ... two of their favorite things in the world, I might add. You've got their number! Ava loved the extra special attention she got while you patiently encouraged and instructed her in the finer points of riding a bike sans training wheels. She's looking forward to the next lesson at your house this summer!

Our girls are so lucky to have such a kind and loving grandpa, one that engages them and is interested in them, loves and cares for them. Thank you for being such a loving presence in all of our lives. We are so glad you could come and spend a little time at our pad, in our neck of the woods, getting a sense of the rhythm and pace of life with the Sopah Sistahs (it's flat-out crazy, isn't it?!?). Crazy in a good way, though. :-) We really hope you can come back and join our version of crazy again soon!

Love you lots and lots,

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  1. Hey I know your dad, he is in my parents ward (my childhood ward) How funny, I came across your blog from Peace & Pandemonium. Your uncle delivered my baby, small world!

  2. Hey Brooke! Yes it is a small world ... those 'small world experiences' always make me smile. So fun! :-) Thank you for sharing!!


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