Thank you to everyone who inquired about the specifics of my previous post. I'm really, really, really excited about this new Spring adventure! {Did I mention that I'm really excited???} I'm thinking that I'll be adding a little 'to the pot' every week or two just to keep things interesting.

Here's this week's new twist:

Need a new headshot for your online life?

Maybe it's time to update the the stale and tired old FB profile shot you've been sporting
for the past year? {You've lost all that weight, chopped your hair and dyed it red ... why not???}
Maybe you'd like something new and sassy for your blog? {really, who wouldn't???}
Maybe you wanna look sharp in your new eHarmony ad? {you know you're not alone}

Whatevah the reason, THIS is the season!
Here are the deets:

*3-5 fully retouched headshots
*72 dpi for web use
*all for a mere $25 donation to the LCCAC

Act now! Don't delay!
Just think ... you could look this fabulous on your blog/myspace/FB acct and all for a great cause!

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