Photo-editing can be such a laborious task, but it's also chock full of very fun surprises.
Let's just say photo-editing and I kind of have a love-hate relationship.
One moment I want to break up with it and the next moment,
I'm gushing over all it's potential and possibilities.
At it's best, the process feels a lot like Christmas morning, as you open up your files and
one by one
they reveal their gifts to you.
{Really?? For me? Aww, thank you ... you shouldn't have!}

Maybe it's that unexpected burst of laughter that you captured with your lens right before it dissipated into the ether
maybe it's that lovely composition that just feels so right to you
for reasons that not even you can put a finger on
maybe it's that the colors are so deep and vibrant and true that it makes you happy right down to your toes and then some.
{Sounds intoxicating, doesn't it??}

Heck, I'm not really sure, but what I do know is that photo-editing and I will be entangled in this dysfunctional partnership for quite some time to come and
just for tonight
just for right now
I'm in love.

{taken at Community Gardens in Alamosa, CO - the kids were painting garden signs and lovin' every joyful, messy minute of it}

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