This, my friends, is Brenda.
She is the hard-working photog behind Brenda Landrum Photography.
Isn't she lovely??
Truth be told, I'm a little envious {okay, more than just a little} of that gorgeous red hair and don't even get me started on those cheekbones. OH, those cheekbones!
Yeah, she's pretty much an exceptionally photogenic gal and a kind soul, to boot.
What a rough life, huh?!?

But, I digress...
Brenda took me up on my offer to update her online profile while simultaneously making a contribution to one of my favorite non-profits
{that would be the LCCAC, in case you haven't been paying attention}.
She got some beautiful shots of her beautiful self to use on her Twitter, FB, and bloggity blog and wasn't it so worth it??

Soooo, whatcha waitin' for??
{offer only good thru May and while supplies last}

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  1. These photos are wonderful! You did a great job and you are so very correct about her cheekbones! ;)

  2. Thank you, Erin! Yeah, those cheekbones are to be envied fo sho! ;-)


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