As I was editing Lauren's photos, the images that really spoke to me were the ones above because they captured her in her unguarded moments. I dunno ... for some reason, I loved the honesty in these images and I imagine that these expressions are ones her parents have seen often when she's in quiet reflection and simply resting in who she is.

Dear Lauren,

I don't want to embarrass you,
BUT, you need to know that if
my girls have your
quiet self-confidence,
your intelligence,
your kindness
and a heart as big as yours
when they're sixteen,
I will consider myself sooooo lucky.


Hope your senior year is as *lovely* as you are.

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  1. Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures. You do such an incredible job of capturing a person's spirit- what a gift. I am enjoying your poetry.

  2. Just love all of them-You are right-the world is in good hands! Digging the poetry-where did that come from?

  3. Thanks, anonymous! ;-) All poetry written by me unless otherwise stated ... glad you like it! :-)


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