Remember how I said I was gonna take this little fundraising challenge on a few twists and turns before it was all over?? Hold on to your hats folks, cuz here's the latest and greatest:

Mentoring Sessions!!!

Who: YOU and I

What: a mentoring session for anything photography-related

Why: because you need to learn to use your camera
{you and I both know you'll never get around to reading that manual}


because you need to improve the quality of your pictures
{yeah, you do ... just trust me on this one}


because you want to learn more about making your way around Photoshop
{think of the possibilities! you could make yourself look like one of the cool kids for your FB profile pic}

All this and more for
a measly $30 per hourly session, folks!

By now, you know the drill ...

all proceeds are a tax-deductible donation to
the one, the only

This session will be tailor-made for YOU and where YOU'RE at in your photographic journey {sounds kinda New Age-y, dontcha think??}. You tell me what you wanna learn and, by golly, I'll teach it to you.
Now, really, doesn't that sound like an offer you can't refuse??

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