In the past week, I ran two half-marathons.

This one was accidental.
{for the record, my mum is 63 years old and this run was pretty much a walk in the park for her ... can you say rockstar??}

This one was intentional.

And they were both so much fun.

The thirteen-miler this morning had us winding down the canyon from the foothills to the city on a most amazing Spring day. As if that wasn't gift enough, when I arrived at the finish line, I got hugs and flowers and a handmade cardboard sign from four of my *most favorite* people in the whole wide world.

{really, do these luvvies of mine get any cuter??}

the golden warmth of a sunny day
the gently forgiving descent of a canyon road
the bubbling gurgles of the Poudre River providing the soundtrack
the collective energy and enthusiasm of hundreds of runners
the physical ability to propel myself forward for 13.1 miles
the mental ability to push beyond injury and frustration
the waiting arms of one very sweet hubby and 3 fabulous girlies

just in case you were wondering??


{P.S. Happy Mum's Day to all mothers everywhere!!}

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