School's out tomorrow and their anticipation of this event is palpable.
My own response to this event, however, is an awkward and
disjointed mix of anxiety, stress, excitement, and grateful relief.

You see, the run-up to this day is intense and most certainly, not for the faint of heart, which makes you glad to finally see it come to an end, but the manic pressure of May gives way to another kind of intensity.

For me {a self-described loner of sorts}, it means having three little lovelies at my heels all
day long and into the extended summer evenings, for days and weeks on end.
Too little sleep, too much stimulation, and multiplying little piles of clothes and
toys magically materializing in every room of the house.

Don't get me wrong now.
{because it would be so easy to do!}

I love summer and all it's accoutrements of noise and clamor and dirty barefeet padding in through the house and back out again. How do I know this, you may ask?
I know this because, even on my most frenetic and overstimulated days,
there is the quiet and solid assurance that,
really and truly,
I wouldn't want it any other way.

{friends, please don't hesitate to remind of this in mid-July or any other time really!}

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