{advance apologies for embarrassing you, Tim, BUT this pic
is one of my all-time favs and has hottie alert written all over it}
{p.s. image taken by the uber-talented Mr. Jonathan Canlas}

This is a man and a father who can weave a tale like no other.
He is a born storyteller, much to the delight of many a child.
This gift of his provides humor, distraction and comfort
in almost any sticky parenting situation.

One of the girls gets stung by a bee?
Tim tells a humorous story about one of his previous bee stings
and she's quickly forgotten the acuity of the insult.
One of the girls is scared of a lightning storm?
Tim spins a yarn that gives the lightning storm a fascinating
and heroic role in the story which quickly calms her worried heart.
One of the girls is having difficulty sleeping?
Tim shares a story about his own sleeping struggles
and she no longer feels alone in her difficulty.

And it works every time.

{Tim sharing a story with Ava in an effort
to comfort her after she got her finger caught in the door}

A poem for you, my sweet Tim

How is it that
you know the words that
ease the tender heart
the ones that cradle the ache
with such delicate precision

Did you know them always
or did you quiet your breathing and listen for them
when they were in the distance
hope rising in you
until they appeared
in your line of sight then
deftly landed on your doorstep?


{p.p.s. so grateful for the gem of a father that you are}

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  1. Love it. Beautiful poetry and beautiful daddy and family...


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