{my dear friend, Special K - the loveliest of the lovelies}

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a lover of the unguarded moment in photography.  I think it's because those moments are so downright elusive.  You have to really commit yourself to being mindful, to paying close attention, or they're liable
to slip right on by, without so much as a sound.  

They are what I call the 'in between' and, at first glance may seem unimportant, but, they are the ones that will capture my attention and give me pause every time.  As in the images below, they reveal her quiet warmth, her unfettered laughter, her softness of being.  All of these speaking so much about the substance of who she is in all the moments that really matter ... the ones that aren't typically captured by a lens.

Call those moments what you will ... 
candid, unplanned, fleeting, unexpected.

As for me, I call it my favorite thing about photography.

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  1. I love the one of her whisping her hair from her face. Lovely!


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