Today was a BIG day for Lily.

The Deal: She had to do the dishes every day for a month's time,
if she wanted to get her ears pierced a few months earlier than her tenth birthday.
This, of course, was the age set for her older sister, but somehow a deal was cut when
the Great Negotiator (a.k.a. little Lily Lou Who) decided it was Priority No. 1 on her life agenda.
When this girlie sets her mind to something, get.out.of.the.way because she will put all of
her muscle and might behind it. You know that saying about dynamite coming in small packages??
Yeah, that would be her.

I must say that Tim and I are quite relieved that she reached her goal because,
let's just say, that her dishwashing skills leave a little bit to be desired.
Three cheers for Lily's achievement, her sassy new earrings & the fact that we will now have
dishes to eat and drink from that will once again pass a much closer inspection!!

Lily got to share the experience with two of her bestest buddies: Chloe & Caroline.
Chloe also got her ears pierced at the same time while Caroline provided moral support.
My favorite part of the whole thing?? Seeing the three of them encourage and support
one another through the process. Worth it's weight in gold.

The all-important selection process:
{They both settled on sweet and tiny little zirconia stars.}

Chloe The Brave goes first:

I LOVE this next series of images because you can
really see the FULL spectrum of emotion.
{You can't tell she's our resident drama queen, can you??}

Admiring her new sassy self in the mirror:

Aaaand, just in case you're not completely overwhelmed
with images {never!} and wanted some sound effects
to go with all of the above:

CONGRATS Lily & Chloe!!!
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  1. Way to go, Lily!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of EARRING WEARING! :)


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