ballerina.part.three.of.three - fort collins portrait photographer

{Nikon N70 & Ilford 400 B&W film}

As I've mentioned before, I rarely convert my digital images to B&W so I really stepped out of my box to shoot a whole roll of this B&W film {look out, people - I'm a wild and craaaazy gal!}.  I chose this particular film with the 'eenie meenie minie mo' method {very scientific!} so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  The unretouched images really lacked contrast so I added a healthy dose of it in Photoshop.  If one of the benefits of using film is the time you save in post-processing, then this film failed that test for me.  Boo, Ilford 400 - you're outta here!  I'm in the market for some new B&W film so if you have a favorite that you like to use, 
I would love to hear what it is and why you love it!

P.S.  This beauty of a ballerina is celebrating a big birthday next week {in San Francisco, no less!}  Who me, jealous?!  In a word ... yessss.  Big, fat birthday wishes to you, Kaya Summer!!

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