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This one time we got up very early to watch a mass launch of hot air balloons.  If I remember correctly they called it a hot air balloon rodeo.  Except?  It was really cold and at times even rainy.  Turns out that is NOT good weather for launching hot air balloons.  This meant that we saw the launch of 3, maybe 4, balloons (but, hey! who's counting?!).  Anyway, not exactly a rodeo of balloons.  This early morning-rise was not lost on us, however.  We did get to pay $7.50 to park our car and walk half a mile on muddy ground to meet a random mascot of who-knows-what which may or may not have made Ava's day.  Aaaand I'm pretty sure Lily took more pictures of our excursion than her mama did.  See?  We are not ones to let those golden opportunities get away from us.  

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