My baby's all grown up

As a side note and for the record, May is most definitely kicking my tushie. Every activity the kids are involved in, whether it's school, sports or music, has their grand finale or wrap-up projects and parties in May. My question for all of them is "What have you got against April?!?" I really think if mothers everywhere banded together, we could revamp the existing cultural structure and stretch this out over April and May a bit better so that May wasn't such an intense whirlwind of a 'To Do' list, but hey, what do I know??? Just making an observation ... :-)

Speaking of all things May, last week my baby girl became even less of a baby girl by celebrating her big 0-4. :-) The girls' birthdays are always bittersweet for me ... they are definitely a reflection and celebration of their beautiful little lives, but they're also tinged with this nagging nostalgia for their younger selves and, especially with the youngest child, the realization that you'll never experience that particular year of growth with any other children after her. I was a bit forlorn to see Miss A. grow out of the "threes" because three is such a magical age and it was an absolutely delightful age for her. She spent almost every moment of this past year being happy, light-hearted, spontaneous, funny and curious. I hope I can take a page out of her book in the year to come.

A few random details about her big day ...
*G-ma Bunny flew in for the occasion and saved me from having to decorate my first Barbie Cake all by myself. Whew! It coulda been ugly ... ;-) Thank you for blessing us all with your love this past weekend, Mom!
*Cinderella, herself, made an appearance at the party much to the amazement and delight of A. & her friends. She had them practically eating out of her hand as she casually name-dropped a few of her princess 'friends' and various details about her castle back home. Seeing their pure delight in her presence was priceless!

Happy 4th Birthday, Monkey! We hope you have as much fun in this upcoming year as you did in the last ... we love you SOOOOO much!!!
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