This one's for my homegirl ... ;-)

This will be the third year in a row that I will compete on a team that participates in an urban adventure race in downtown Denver. I am the proud owner of the prestigious 'weak link' title on Team "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". My nearest and dearest chica, the fabulous Ms. K., who you see in the Polaroid above has been my 'partner in crime' for these races as well as a few other things I won't be mentioning here! ;-) Like the good friend that I am, I have been tireless in my efforts to find her a good man and I won't rest until I've been successful! Oftentimes, this entails checking out all the unsuspecting single & available males on the Front Range (all on her behalf, of course!) who happen to be going about their business at the local grocery store, gas station, the corner Starbucks, the soccer sidelines, you name it! As you have probably already deduced, it can be a very tough job but somebody's gotta do it and, besides, what are friends for?!?! Well, I digress ... the real reason for this post is to tell my cute little BFF that, while I was toiling away in the front yard this afternoon, I had a moment of inspiration about our team name for this year's race. I made a little mock-up of the tee-shirts we could wear that I've posted for you below. For reasons only you will understand, I'm thinking these will be very appropo! Just in case you had any doubts about where I stand, I want you to know that, all others aside, I'm still on "Team Lance"!!! :-) Love, love, love you dear friend! XOXOXO ... H
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