Happy Almost Feliz Cumpleanos to me!

In about two hours from now, I'll officially be 36 years old, so I thought it only fitting to post the last self-portraits I did at the tender young age of 35. One of my favorite photogs issued a self-portrait challenge on her blog several weeks ago so I thought I'd participate just for kicks. I LOVE trying new things! I learned a few things about myself in the self-portrait challenge:

1. I raise one of my eyebrows ALOT without even realizing it. Reviewing the images revealed this little know fact to me.
2. Shooting self-portraits is very difficult because you lose all control of the composition when you're not behind the lens. It was a good exercise for me to practice letting go of trying to control all the elements of an image. As challenging as this was for me, it also produced some very fun, 'happy accidents' in composition. Good reminder to release and surrender control to expand my creative capacity. :-)
3. I am WAY too critical of my appearance in photographs. I consistently found things I didn't like about the angle or asymmetry of my face, my teeth, my eyebrows, you name it! Let's just say that it became really apparent that I needed to get that negative voice in my head in check. As they say in yoga, "Practice and all is coming" and practice I will. It's my intention to practice giving myself the kind of grace I'm so willing to give those around me.

Without further ado, here is my photographic tribute to my 35th year of life ...

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  1. You are absolutely STUNNING! Always have been. Hope you had a fun birthday!

  2. You have a beautiful soul and it shines through your eyes. Simply simply beautiful!

    I cant believe I missed your birthday. Happy Be-lated! Our birthdays are 3 days apart I think. Mine is on the 10th!


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