New specs for the girly-girl

In an excited blur, Ava comes running out of her classroom a few weeks ago, waving a piece of paper in her hand, like it's the holy grail.

Ava: "Mom! Mom! This paper says I have to go see the eye doctor!"

I take it from her hand and look it over. I notice my heart sinking a bit at the recommendation indicated on the page, but I'm also very conscious of not revealing one ounce of that feeling to her.

Me: "Yes, yes ... you're right. That's what it says alright."

My eyes leave the page only to glance at her sweet little face. Her excitement has given way to a gleeful expression and a huge smile that travels from ear to ear.

Ava: "Isn't that GREAT?!?"

Children have an amazing way of finding the joy, don't they??
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  1. What a sweet little girl you have there! And those darling glasses are just the best. How I wish our kids could know each other. I think they would get along amazingly:-)


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