Cole - the once and future Olympian

Let me introduce you to my nephew Cole.
He is determined.
He is a fighter.
Oh, how I love him (and his brother, too, but that's another post altogether).
The two of them couldn't be more 'all boy' than they are, but they both have a head full of blonde, curly locks that would make any girl jealous.to.the.bone.

A few months ago, G-ma Bunny challenged all her grandkidlets to a one mile race. Anyone who could beat her would get a cool ten bucks. Glory!
Cole, who is the second to youngest grandchild (out of nine, mind you!) was the winner. I won't go naming any names or anything, but he even beat one of his older cousins who has played competitive soccer for a few years running.
DUDE, this kid has got some mad running skillz. Nuff said.
However, let it be noted that his win was not without sacrifice,
as evidenced by his war wound above.

I don't have a strong competitive streak in my personality so I'm fascinated by seeing it manifested in others. I've been thinking about this the past few weeks as we watched the 2010 Olympics unfold in Vancouver. Truly, I couldn't be more amazed at the determination and perseverance of the human body and spirit.
Hmmm ... wondering where I could get some of that??
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  1. Love the post and the thoughts. I love the pictures of course you caught the great moments of "The Amazing Race". You and mom are spectacular photographers and we are lucky to be the beneficiaries of your vision.


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