Jamie officially completed middle school today.
CONGRATULATIONS, beautiful girl!!!
These images were created to document this fleeting and pivotal time in her life.
Daily, I'm discovering my photographic voice and, as I do, I'm finding
that I really enjoy capturing the kinds of images that give you
a sense of the person's environment,
a feel for of the context of who they are
and the places and spaces
where they spend most of their time.

When I look at these images, I have to admit I'm just a wee bit envious.
I wish that I, too, had some images like this of me in the
hallways and classrooms of the schools of my youth.
Seriously, how cool would that be??

P.S. This session completed my promotion on behalf of the LCCAC.
A big, fat thank you to all the fabulous people who partnered with me on this project.

Please know that you were instrumental in protecting
untold numbers of children in our community.
Every last penny of the proceeds went towards the LCCAC's sexual abuse prevention programs.

I'm convinced that creating measurable change in people's lives is all about planting seeds, then stepping back and trusting that, someday, those seeds are going to blossom into something beautiful.
Many thanks for 'planting seeds' with me this Spring.

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