Well, we survived week one of Summer 2010.
{I was a little unsure of that possibility.}
We had a few meltdowns, a few tears and lots of girl-fights.
{And that's just counting my own!}
But we had fun, too.
{Thank goodness!}

Ava started the week off right for us by laying on the ground in her p.j.'s first thing every morning.
{What is it about kids and laying on the ground?! And, while we're on the subject, at what age do we outgrow that compulsion?? Not sure I'll ever understand that one, but SO glad I outgrew it.}

{Unfortunately, I still have all the evidence to prove it.}

We spent a lot of time in the sun and on the sidelines.
{We still have the sunburns to prove that, too.}

We also had sleepovers galore.
{And, yes, you guessed it, I still have the bags under my eyes to prove that, too.}

Hope your first week of summer was
a wild and wacky one, too!

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