This is the only green-eyed girl in our trio
who also happens to be the owner of the cutest pair of dimples ...
{again, the only one with those, too}

She is the author of such sweet and charming notes ...
this particular one she left on my bedside table for me to discover
after I awoke from an accidental afternoon nap.
{I still can't get over the fact that she didn't wake me up to tell me this information!}

translation of note below:
Dear Mom,
There was NO salsa!! So I used taco sauce.
It is now my favorite food.
Yours Truly,

This little chica is also a tricky trickster ...
she will practice a physical maneuver relentlessly until she figures it out.
She taught herself both of these moves by
practicing day and night for weeks on end.
{Can you say persistent with a capital P??}

Sure do love this
dimple-having, note-writing, trick-performing,
giggly little girl.

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