"Time stands still best in moments that
look suspiciously like ordinary life."

{Brian Andreas}

This is my sweet munchkin of a nephew whose family came for a visit this week {BIG fun!}. We were munching on picnic sandwiches and feeding the geese at City Park when he decided in the middle of his sandwich-munching that these spent dandelions needed some attention. You can see that he didn't even take the time to put his sandwich down. The task was THAT IMPORTANT.

Dear Carter,

Thank you for reminding me to love
the big things and the small.
Sometimes I forget the importance of this
even though I'm often sure I never will.
That's why it's a good thing for me
that I get to hang out with you now and then
and that I get to start over
in each new perfect moment.

Auntie H

p.s. love your guts!

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  1. the words and the picture...so,so beautiful

  2. Love this picture! We had a blast with you guys! Miss you


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