Is.it.film? - fort collins portrait photographer

{Which is film and which is digital?  There IS one of both.}

 I really love the look of film, but for my current situation, it has more limitations than digital does.  This is one of the reasons I was so intrigued with this new product by VSCO.  Basically, it gives you post-production tools that can be used to make a digital image look more like a film image.  I know, I know ... I can already hear the outcry of film enthusiasts everywhere and I get it.  I really do.  There's SO much more to shooting film than just the way it looks.  For the record, I hear you and I agree, BUT just bear with me here and let me know what you think of the above comparison, based on visual appearance alone.  I'm really curious.  Please?
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  1. These are looking really good! I had to study them a bit and here is my guess. I say the left image is digital and the right image is film. I'm anxious to hear what the answer is!

  2. I'd be curious to see what the digital one looked like prior to the edits. My guess is the one on the right is film. But it is extremely close.

  3. Always looks like the boooooookkkkkaaah is round with film and squiggly with digital!


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