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{Left image:  original digital image; processed with VSCO}           
  {Right image:  original digital image; PS3 processed}

Thank you so much for your feedback on the previous post.  Most people guessed the correct answer:  the film was on the right.   Man, you guys are good!  Above, you can see the comparison between the original digital image processed to look like film and also processed with my normal Photoshop edits.  I think the difference is subtle, in part, because I like a really clean editing style to begin with so there isn't as much of a dramatic shift between the two images.  However, the digital version is obviously sharper, has cleaner lines and is brighter in overall mood.  Whether or not you prefer that look is entirely based on personal preference.  As for me?  I'm leaning more to the one on the left that has more of a film-like appearance.  Hmmm ... I can tell I have some fun editing experiments in my near future.

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  1. I like the one on the left better too. Im kind of over the extreme sharpness. My eyes don't see life that way.
    I cant wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!


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