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{Portra 400 film}

I had the good fortune of getting together with Kiera as well as meeting a few new photographers (many thanks Leslie & Alisha!) over Thanksgiving break.  I forced myself to shoot film (ya like how I put that?) and I really wished I hadn't because the lab (which I will graciously not name) royally screwed up the developing on both rolls of film I shot.  The color balance is so off that it looks like a kindergartner may have been behind the wheel ... big ugh.  I repaired the image above, but it took quite a bit of monkeying around in LR and PS.  So much for the time-saving feature of shooting film!  Go here to see some of the fun photos Kiera took of me that day.  Also?  I'm so in love with this series she took of Leslie's laugh.  Wishing I had a series just like that capturing the laughter of my own girlies three.  Thanks to all three of you for the fun afternoon.  Would really love a repeat.   

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